KIPP SoCal Public Schools Open Three New School Facilities

The InSite team is proud to congratulate KIPP SoCal Public Schools on their newest facilities serving East and Southeast Los Angeles and opening in 2019. InSite is honored to have supported the site selection process and finding viable locations for three new schools to serve their communities.  

KIPP Comienza Community Prep, KIPP Academy of Innovation, and KIPP Corazón are three of KIPP SoCal’s newest campuses, serving over 1300 students. 

The KIPP Charter School network has enrolled over 100,000 students in 20 states in the last 25 years.

“The more that we grow, the more that we can advocate for students all across the nation. And with that power of numbers, we reach as many kids as we can. And then having everyone driven by the same mission, by the same passion, by the same love in the classroom, that’s what reaches the students, most importantly.”

Nadia Abdalah, second grade teacher at KIPP Austin Leadership